It all hinges on excellence.

The SIMONSWERK GROUP has an international presence and is constantly expanding its core expertise in the field of premium hinge systems. Extremely high demands for convincing design and high-precision technology characterise our quality, expertise and passion for striking architecture. Guided by our customers’ requirements, we are constantly pushing the envelope in search for new solutions – reliable, innovative and single-minded. That’s how we produce outstanding products and services.

Our vision. We are the global market leader for premium hinge systems

Our aim is to gain a relevant market share in the defined target markets through our innovative products and impressive service offer for our customers. The SIMONSWERK GROUP focuses on its core products and makes strategic use of its resources to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

Our vision drives us to steadily increase our market share in specific target markets through innovative products and impressive service.

Left to right Rolf Thöne (CSO), Dr. Frank Remy (COO), David Bannas (CFO) manage the companies within the SIMONSWERK GROUP
Success factors

For our customers and partners

The SIMONSWERK GROUP operates through different business models. We develop perfect solutions that meet specific market requirements, whether for the construction project business or for industrial door manufacturers or hardware distributors and fabricators.

Our success factors describe how we create specific solutions and added value for every customer requirement.

Visions & Values of the SIMONSWERK GROUP

It all hinges on excellence.
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