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Our premium hinge systems for heavy-duty, residential and entrance doors offer product solutions for all application areas and door materials – from wood and glass, to PVCu and aluminium.

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Hinge systems for every application

For timber doors

Naturally authentic

Timber doors bring a special finish to every interior design concept. They contribute to the atmosphere in the room, bring a natural finish and can be harmoniously combined in many different ways with materials such as concrete, steel and natural stone. Solid timber door leaves however require a hinge system that is capable of supporting high loads. SIMONSWERK has the perfect solution for every application. 

For PVCu doors

Extremely versatile

PVCu is characterised above all by its low weight and its versatility. PVCu components score with their long service life, adaptability and good thermal, acoustic and insulating properties. This material is therefore particularly suitable for entrance doors and windows. PVCu can be effectively recycled at the end of its service life by separating it from the build. 

For glass doors

Maximum transparency

Is glass a crystal clear matter? Not necessarily. Glass can be used in a transparent form as a solid, versatile material but it is frequently used for architectural purposes as translucent frosted glass, particularly in doors. The material properties can be easily modified with different compositions. Glass can be recycled with no loss of quality. As a natural resource, it also has an outstanding material cycle.

For steel doors

Elegant and unique

Steel and stainless steel doors are a particular preference where the highest levels of aesthetics and functionality are required. These materials offer clear and elegant lines, particularly in high-end, non-residential applications – from a matt silk to a highly polished finish, they create an attractive contrast, particularly with any wooden surface. At the same time, steel meets the highest technical requirements.

For aluminium doors

A real all-rounder

As a light metal, aluminium offers an extremely versatile and recyclable material. The combination of tensile strength, stability and conductivity, as well as corrosion, UV and weather resistance makes it the raw material of choice for many architects. Aluminium does not rust or warp, even without any expensive surface treatment. It is therefore mainly suitable for doors with high-quality fittings. 

For timber doors
For PVCu doors
For glass doors
For steel doors
For aluminium doors
Hinge systems in architecture

SIMONSWERK and architecture

Depending on their functional requirements, buildings and rooms make different structural demands on the door system, be they physical, safety or aesthetic. Architectural doors vary depending on the area of application such as in, commercial or residential buildings, or in terms of the load capacity, dimensioning, design or stress.

SIMONSWERK offers appropriate hinge solutions for all structural and design-based requirements. For example, the TECTUS completely concealed hinge system allows doors to be integrated flush into linear room structures. A versatile range of finishes also allows the fittings to be fine-tuned to match the specific architectural concept.

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Mohr Life Resort Tyrol


Mohr Life Resort Tyrol

When on holiday, feeling relaxed and comfortable in your environment comes near the top of the list. The demand for an architecturally sophisticated home when on holiday is growing – and wellness breaks are becoming increasingly popular. The Hotel MOHR Life Resort is nestled in the Tyrolean mountains in the Austrian town of Lermoos and combines modern architecture with an impressive wellness concept.

Musiktheater Linz


Musiktheater Linz

The music theatre in Linz is one of the most modern opera houses in Europe. The five-storey building with two basement levels, a fly tower and an impressive façade in the form of a oversized stage curtain is located directly on the Volksgarten, one of the oldest parkland areas in Linz and a direct link to the city centre. The building's architecture, integration into the urban environment and innovative technology are particularly impressive – from the acoustics to the furnishing details.

LWL Museum Münster


LWL Museum Münster

The design of the LWL museum by the Berlin-based architect Volker Staab in Münster breaks new architectural and urban development grounds. The entrance was set facing the city centre and thus forms an extension of the city space into the heart of the city. Visitors to the museum pass through four forecourts to gain access to an open atrium that is the full height of the building.

Rehabilitation centre Kirchberg


Rehabilitation centre Kirchberg

In the Kirchberg rehabilitation centre in Luxembourg, designed by m3 architects, patients and visitors encounter many different wooden elements which create a natural atmosphere in the interior rooms. At the same time, the largely glass façade allows plenty of light into the interior which can contribute to relaxation, recovery and recuperation – an important aspect for a facility designed to promote mental and physical health.