Compliance at the SIMONSWERK GROUP

At the SIMONSWERK GROUP, integrity, reliability, respect and trust are our top priorities. These values not only form the basis of our business activities, but are also crucial to our success and the trust that our employees, customers and business partners place in us.


SIMONSWERK HALO - The whistleblower system

We do not tolerate any violations of applicable law, our internal guidelines or our Code of Conduct. It is therefore of the utmost importance to quickly recognise and prevent potential misconduct by our employees or suppliers.

To ensure this, the SIMONSWERK GROUP operates an independent, impartial and confidential whistleblower system. This system is available to all employees and external persons such as customers and suppliers. It enables them to report possible offences securely and anonymously and thus contribute to clarification. In addition to the new SIMONSWERK HALO system, the existing reporting channels by e-mail, letter and personal complaints will remain available as alternatives.

Your information helps us to uphold our values and achieve our corporate goals.

SIMONSWERK HALO is a web-based, confidential whistleblowing system that offers employees and external persons the opportunity to draw attention to possible violations. These include fraud, theft, corruption, violations of competition or antitrust law, money laundering, discrimination and other significant violations of laws and guidelines.

This system helps to ensure that such incidents can be quickly recognised and addressed in order to guarantee integrity and security within the SIMONSWERK GROUP.

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